May 8, 2021

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Spy Software for Tumblr and Facebook Social Apps

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The social media apps have been gaining immense popularity among teens and tweens of post-millennial generation. The youngsters spend more than nine hours a day using social networking platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr. While these platforms give them opportunities to communicate with the people across the world, they may also expose them to several dangers.The teen social media users are more likely to become victim of pedophiles, online child molesters, cyber bullies, sex offenders, scammers, hackers and online criminals.

Parents are responsible to protect their children from the menaces of social media and the only way to protect them is to monitor their social media activities and make them responsible and vigilant social media users. There are a few ways that can help you supervise the online activities of your teenagers. One of the finest ways is the use of social media spy software to monitor popular social networking platforms. This article discusses how you can monitor two powerful social media tools Facebook and Tumblr by using spy app for cell phone.

What Facebook is about?

Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform that connects millions of people around the world.It allows exchanging text messages, photos, videos, voice calls, video call and more. You can post your activities, events, habits, plans or whatever you want in form of text, photos, videos, links and audios.You can also invite your online fellows to like, comment or react on your post.

While many use the social media platformto communicate with their online fellows, many others use the social app to trap and victimize others. There are pedophiles, child predators, harassers and scammers taking advantage of the social media platform to trap the target. They send trapping messages to the target; make offending and humiliating posts and comments to harass the victim; share sexually explicit stuff to lure teens.

What Tumblr is about?

Tumblr is another popular social networking platform that is particularly developed for teen girls and boys who love taking photos of every moment and uploading them right away on the internet. The social networking site is more popular among American teens who find it more appealing than Facebook.The micro-blogging site allows users to post text, photos, videos, audios, links and stuff of their own choice. It also allows posting stuff that is not permitted to be posted on other social media platforms.

The unfiltered content of Tumblr is more likely to expose teens and tweens to violence, pornography and adult-oriented material. Meanwhile, the social app also welcomes bullies and predators who sexually exploit children by trapping them. Tumblr is no way a kid-friendly social media app so if your kid is using the platform, you are highly needed to supervise his activities on Tumblr.

Spy Software for Tumblr and Facebook

TheOneSpy Android spy app is particularly developed for parents to supervise the online and offline activities of your children. Once you install the software on the Android or iOS mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor and manage that mobile phone without taking it into possession. The spy app enables parents to access messages, call logs, contacts, emails and other mobile phone data of their kids. It automatically accesses the data stored on monitored cell phone and uploads to the online portal of spy app from where this data can be monitored.

The cell phone spy app allows spying on social media apps including Facebook and Tumblr. Parents can read Facebook chats of their kids and see their posts, comments, likes and lists of friends and followers. The spy app lets you access incoming and outgoing messages containing text, stickers, emoticons, photos, videos and audios. It includes all conversations made with individuals and groups.

The Tumblr spy app allows spying on online activities performed on the micro-blogging site. The end-user of the spy software can review posts made on the social media platform. The messages exchanged via Tumblr can also be tracked to make sure the online conversations of children do not include bullying, offending or victimizing material. The spy app lets you capture every single social media activity of your kids with the help of on-demand screenshots. With a single direction, the app starts capturing the targeted phone screen to let you witness whatever appears on it.