April 7, 2021

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Importance of Candidate Experience in Improving Company Branding

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Candidate experience, the latest trend in human resource management, is not limited to the hiring process but also extends into the view of how employees work in the company. It’s associated with employer branding because it creates goodwill for a business and its employees. Wise companies view the application and interview process as an opportunity to create a positive impression, personal and company, on each applicant.

It is important to understand the reason employers focus on the candidate experience in this way. The main reason is that now employees, both current and prospective, are well connected and informed. Social media has brought considerable changes to the environment and has linked everyone together.

Today, candidates want to know about the company even before applying to it. The primary sources that provide this information are social media platforms, company websites, and most importantly word-of-mouth. So, the company website and application format need to be precise and straightforward about the company and its goals.HR recruiters often investigate the application process for the jobs within their organization. It’s the quickest way to understand the areas which require special positive attention for a better customer experience.

The candidate experience should involve everything from collecting resumes to scheduling interviews all very quick and painless for both parties. This starts with quick email responses and updates as the candidate moves through the entire process. It ensures that no candidate has a negative experience from a potential employer, as well as, allowing the employer to have full visibility into each candidate. Making the whole application process simple and brief.

Companies need to treat the current employees as internal customers as well, because ‘Employee Referral’ is also a large part of the recruitment process. If your current employees are unhappy with their experience in the company, then they are less likely to provide employee referrals. This could be a major growth problem for an organization since it causes the cost of rehiring to increase and prevents it from gathering talented job seekers, which are otherwise hard to find in the external job market.

Dealing with candidate rejection is also a crucial part of the candidate experience. Especially, how a rejection is conveyed to them, because it could leave a negative impression about the overall organization in their mind. Most organizations have begun dealing with rejections is new ways, which is adding value to their brand equity and promoting the company as a – Fair Employer.

Enforcing a good experience for every candidate is essential because if a candidate is selected, the company wants them to come and join the team and not reject the offer. Candidates who are selected and choose to become a part of the new employee engagement program want to feel connected with the business culture and values as soon as possible.

How to Develop a Better Candidate Experience

The quality of the new hires joining an organization is starting to decline in terms of the skills possessed by the candidates. Managers are not always pleased with the performance of their employees,resulting in the continuous search for a skilled candidate. Maybe the best talents with the right skill set would join if that candidate had the best experience provided to them?

Sometimes with lengthy procedures and multiple levels of assessments without proper face-to-face communication at various stages in the hiring pipeline, it can become difficult to keep the attention of the right candidate. Moreover, current employees often stress their experience to others, positive or negative, and ultimately could tell job seekers not to apply.

If you are publishing job openings to the public, you are most likely going to receive unmanageable resume volumes.With the best applicants, you can commit more time to those candidates without losing sight of the other possibilities. Fewer barriers between applicants and hiring managers create a better candidate involvement. The best individuals need recognition,show thoseprospective candidates that you respect their time by fulfilling your commitments to meeting them at thespecific time and being prepared.Also, try to avoid separating resumes through a selected representative or HR gatekeeper, this could create a bottleneck in the entire hiring process.

Implementing this strategy during the whole hiring process, employers can now ensure they offer candidates an impressive experience, save time and effort. Plus ensure the company selects the most qualified candidate who is suitable for the job.

Personalized Hiring Strategy – How It Helps

Personalization of the hiring process can help bridge the gap between the applicants and the company. SutiHR recruiters are the primary contacts to candidates, and they should also be the point of action. If your organization has a well developed, candidate-friendly hiring process, there is little to worry about.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions provide the primary information the applicant needs to verify they are right for the job. So, it plays a significant role in the whole personalization process of the job application. HR recruiters can personalize the job descriptions by making each more comprehensive. This is the best activity you could do to pull in the right talent for each position.

Unclear job descriptions make job seekers feel less valued and or not qualified enough. Let your description speak directly to the candidates andeasily communicate with them who the company is seeking. Use videos or graphical imagesto increase interest and interaction for the candidates. There should be knowledge about the company and position instilled after reading the personalized job description.

Clear Communication

A lack of clear communication is something unpleasant for candidates to experience. They want to be communicated with often from the HR team throughout the entire process. To improve the experience and develop a lasting relationship, recruiters should approach each candidate before, in between, and after the recruitment process. Each candidate should know the post-interview details of rejection included with a full touch of honesty.

Send emails to potential candidates on a regular basis, providing them with information, but not always necessarily related to the job. You can send them videos about your company, documents about the latest happenings in the news.Even if you don’t have a lot of information to share, something is always better than nothing. Also, send them good wishes on holidays, festivals, new year’s, etc.


Sending customized email notifications to specific groups can help you develop better communication with future and current employees. There are thousands of candidates who want to be communicated with and are searching for the perfect opportunity.

Use classification for this purpose. You can divide and categorize the candidates and each application with the help of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). According to their background, industry, profession, etc., and easily send each potential candidate emails accordingly for updatesin their interest and candidacy. Make your approach wide enough to cover every application and role available.

Encourage Online Interviews

Using video interviews to connect to remote or long distance candidates is becoming the most sophisticatedresult driven convenient way to interview now. You always need to maintain the limit of your budget, making the interview process easier for yourself and every candidate, committing no mistakes and functioning within the company budget.

Video interviews can be conducted through any medium according to the needs of both parties. The use of this latest technology will certainly entertain and offer simplicity for the candidates.

Utilize Dynamic Content

Creating great content will develop and keep the interest in your readers. Using that same content in your job advertisements and postings can develop a connection from your company to potential job seekers. HR recruiters need to be sure each word that is used in job advertisements and postings is slightly unique, but with the same undertones. Also, you can use inbound marketing strategies as a recruiter in order to sell the open position through the job descriptions, which aids your candidates in understanding not only their role but the company as a whole.

Improving Company Brand with Superior Candidate Experience

Make the interview a two-way process: It’s not a decision you can make in a single day – it’s a plan and a practice. You need to consider all perspectives and draft a recruiting strategy from each. Start with an internal assessment; make it anonymous. Negative responses are good; it’s the only way to discover and fix a problem within your recruitment process.

Communicate with applicants: Quickly notify applicants when you receive their resume and application, whenever they are not selected, or when they have been put on hold. Keep them informed through each step in the pipeline. The recruitment process should never be a black hole where no information is pushed out or shared. Always reply to candidates – even if it’s only a simple automated email if you can’t reply personally.

Impress candidates from day one: The first impression rule applies here just like other fields, and onboarding timelines couldmake a negative impact onyour new hires if not handled efficiently. Try engaging the candidate earlier during the hiring process and you will have a large pool of qualified and motivated candidates to select from.

The best talent and skills you have been searching for are consistently discouraged by lousy candidate experiences. Perhaps not all candidates are suitable for the job they apply for, but they could be perfect for another position in the future. Bad experiences are only going to put them off and they could then discourage their friends from applying to your organization, simply based on their brief experience with you.

Better candidate experiences can help organizations develop a consistent talent pool with a more reliable business brand. Moreover, along with other benefits being offered to create a better candidate experience.