April 7, 2021

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Fitness Jewellery to Work out in Style

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Every woman likes to wear jewellery these days, even a man likes to wear a certain type of jewellery pieces.

However, when you are a fitness freak and also love to play the game of fashion. It is not just about those stylish workout gear for looking good while doing work out of your choice whether yoga, gym, Pilates, kickboxing or more is almost as important as your performance. Moreover, a perfect fitness gear not just makes you fashionable but also motivates you and recently this game of styling has been up by the introduction of fitness jewellery which is made in the coordination of your Gym look.

Moreover, this workout jewellery for women’s  & men adds flare to your dull gym look and accentuate your personality with wearing earrings, rings or necklaces.

All these pieces of jewellery are made from high-quality sterling silver, 24k gold, rose gold or rhodium plated as well as high-quality natural stones and leather. You can also get this fitness jewellery with a range of many types of design including weight plates, dumbbells, barbell jewellery and kettlebells. And all these beautiful jewellery are not just a statement of fashion and style, but they are a symbol or an expression of strength, determination and physicality.

●     Rings

Generally, we don’t like taking our engagement rings or wedding bands; however, these embedded with diamonds and stones can be chipped or damaged during working out. So, you can instead try and wear some stylish rings made specially to wear during exercise.

●     Earrings

Earrings are everyday jewellery and if you get one suitable and stylish one to wear while following your fitness regime is like icing on the cake. You should always choose small earrings like a delicate hoop as big dangles will be uncomfortable as it can get stuck or tangled in equipment, hairs, clothes or distracting your mind during exercise sessions. A dainty stud, strength studs or circular studs are ideal for wearing for the gym.

●     Necklaces

Don’t wear a necklace with layering choose a simple necklace which either fits close to the neck or is of shorter length is perfect to wear for any type of fitness regime.

You can pair these simple chains with pendants of your choice; you can either opt for a barbell dog pendant, a kettlebell or a triangle charm pendant and many more.

●     Bracelets

You can wear either fabric, leather or thin chain-like bracelets with not too many embellishments while exercising.

While wearing fitness jewellery during a workout, you should follow specific rules which are: –

✔     Weight lifting or kickboxing-

While doing any kind of weight lifting exercise, you must remove any type of rings; your engagement rings also. It will avoid you from getting injured with cuts or bruises. It also affects grip and can cause serious risks.

✔     Swimming

Avoid wearing any types of silver or gold jewellery items before swimming as they may get damaged due to chlorine water if exposed for too long.

You can wear fitness jewellery with ease but do clean them regularly to avoid any infections.