The Corporate Free Agent – Developing Your Employment Brand

Today the Internet offers many opportunities for the average person to make money. Because choosing how you want to make money can be a difficult decision this can present a challenge. One way to make money that many people gravitate to is taking paid surveys.

Taking paid surveys can be an easy way to make money online and many people feel like they want to try. If you are the type of person that has an opinion on something then it could be worth a few extra dollars for you to share that through online surveys.

The Internet is full of websites where you can fill out surveys and get paid for it. Just Google search the words "paid surveys" and you will be given millions of results.

In the past you may have been given an opportunity to do a survey by somebody in a mall or retail outlet. Doing surveys online is no different in that you are providing your views to market research companies who then takes those and use them to create future products and services.

To be able to take paid surveys doesn't take any special skills either. One thing many people like when it comes to making money online is they do not have to build a website, start a blog, or do any type of promotion to get paid. Taking paid surveys are free for anyone who chooses to participate in them.

Finding surveys to take is not hard either. How you get paid is one thing that can get confusing.

Sometimes companies will pay you in the form of awards or prizes. They still can be a good opportunity because you can even receive free merchandise for participating.

Getting signed up with a paid survey company is not hard either. You will be required to provide your name, address, email address and possible other personal information. This is usually where you can take your first survey in the form of an introductory survey.

The introductory survey is used to come up with additional information about you that is used to match for future surveys. This helps them determine certain criteria about you that they can match with companies who are looking for survey participants.

Keeping informed about surveys is very easy and you will be sent an email or asked to visit the survey company website. When there is a survey available you can just go to the website and began to fill it out.

Taking paid surveys is not a way to create a large amount of extra income. However, there are many people who earn several hundred dollars a month on a part time basis, which can come in handy if you need to make extra money.

Oftentimes how much money you make will be determined by how many surveys you choose to participate in. Because they do not require lot of time to fill out, and can be done around your schedule, they are an excellent way to create supplemental income from the comfort of your own home.

I have been a recruiter now almost 10 years. This market is probably one of the most competitive job markets in 30 years. There are reasons why people are having difficulty landing a job such as poor marketing skills, poor communication skills, lack of creativity, poor networking skills and lack of self confidence. Why do professionals use the same tired strategies in a job market that rewards networking skills, marketing skills, creativity, competitiveness and persistence? Why do a majority of people fail to understand how the free agent concept applies to the corporate job market? How does a company determine who is a corporate superstar and how much to pay them?
The most important step in the job search is to evaluate your market value. What are your corporate successes and unique skills that make you stand out from your competition? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Hate talking about yourself and you are an engineer or accountant? Well be prepared to discuss your corporate assets and your corporate liabilities that require all business professionals including engineers, accountants, sales manager, and brand marketing professionals to market themselves and get noticed. What are your success stories? How have you made your former employer profitable? Why should you be paid a salary premium compared with 80% of your corporate peers? What valuable knowledge or skills do you possess that can help a company become more competitive? A well written resume is a valuable marketing document that keeps in mind the language and the need of its corporate audience. Individuals are not just using resumes but professional portfolios, reference letters, blogs, website, professional articles are also be used to market and promote a talented jobseeker to convince an employer that they should seriously hire you. Procrastination and denial will kill time and not reward you with excellent job offers that pay premium top dollar. Hire a professional resume writer or better yet hire a career coach who can offer references of satisfied customers.Give yourself an unfair competitive advantage that will enable you to change jobs easily from company to company with little disruption. It should be noted that fewer and fewer companies are posting jobs on traditional and expensive job boards to save money but more importantly target qualified corporate superstars who they want to hire.
No time or money to spend on your career? Why should a complete stranger spend their time and money on you? These are the kind of questions every professional should be seriously asking themselves in order to get that great job. Start asking serious questions and you will be amazed where the answers will lead you. Getting a job is easy but getting a fantastic, well paying career opportunity requires effort and creativity. Still not convinced and sick of the corporate rate race? Open your own business and be the master of your own destiny. It has been stated that more businesses were started in the great depression due to high unemployment using creativity, a great product, a great idea, and lots of hard work. Too daring? Start a Blog or a networking group or write a e-book and your creatively will get you noticed by the corporate powers of influence. Companies are no longer spending thousands of dollars on passive job boards that get responses from individuals who they consider average or worse unqualified. The companies are busy trolling the social networking sites that are proving to be popular networking tools. These are not fads… LinkedIn is a very successful social networking membership club that in over 1 year has obtained over 50,000,000 global members with a new member added each second. Networking will never by the same again. Never heard of LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter are? Hire a career coach right away and start investing in your career.